There are currently nine different infomercials and three short form commercials airing worldwide with Beau Rials as host. To date, over 60 infomercials and short form commercials have had successful runs with Beau Rials as host. Please keep in mind that unlike "image" adds, Direct Response commercials don't "roll out" and actually air consistently unless they are making money. In an industry where the rollout rate falls somewhere between 5% and 10%,
Beau Rials Host rollout rate is a staggering 67%!

Since the early 90's, ALMOST 2 BILLION DOLLARS have been brought in from infomercials and short form spots using Beau Rials as host. These numbers seem to bear out that the majority of the viewing public trust and like Beau. This seems to be true for nearly every product category.Whether he's selling a household, kitchen, garden, automotive, healthcare, sports, fitness or entertainment product... PEOPLE ALWAYS BUY WHAT BEAU IS SELLING!

More than just a Host, Beau actually is like having another sriter/consultant on set ready to help when needed. When you hire Beau Rials as your host, you'll get exactly what you expect and more.

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Over the past dozen years, Beau Rials has been a constant in the world of television hosting. In business alone, Beau made a huge mark not only hosting The Emerging Company Report, but also hosting You're On The Line on Business News 22 in Los Angeles.

In 2001 Beau hosted America's Ultimate Roadtrips...Monterey to Morro Bay as well as Rock N Roadtrip...The L.A. Story. In 2003 Beau hosted a documentary on the miracles at Fatima, Portugal called The Children of Fatima.

Beau's current program entitled Into The Mystic will soon be seen as a feature lenght film and cable tv series.

Whether it's art, fishing, golf, business, or Rock N Roll, Beau Rials can cover it like no other.
Please have a look at the clips and send us an e-mail for a free demo tape.

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Since 1995, Beau Rials has been a regular guest on both Home Shopping Network and QVC. In over one hundred appearances, Beau has sold everything from fishing lures to golf equipment, alarm clocks to pocket watches, and slicer dicers to vacuum sealers, just to name a few. Through these appearances, Beau has helped to sell millions of dollars worth of goods to television viewers all over North America.

While appearing on QVC and HSN, Beau hasn't simply been a "talking head". Instead, he's had nearly complete control in creating the pitch for each product he's taken on air. Well aware of the subtle differences between an infomercial host and shopping channel guest, Beau carefully crafts each pitch, directly aiming toward the specific target buyer.

In addition to appearing as a Shopping Channel guest, Beau also acts as a complete Representative between the product owner and the networks.

If you have a product that should be on QVC or Home Shopping Network,
look no further than Beau Rials.

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"If you want on-camera talent to deliver your message, you want Beau Rials!
His ability to deliver copy, on camera energy and connection to our audience, makes him a proven success and a marketer's gold mine. But what I find unmatched is his insightful marketing contribution in pre-production, due to his experience and knowledge of the DR industry. Working with Beau, is simply working with the best! "
- Derek Schwartz, The Schwartz Group

The Host With The
MOST Infomercial Rollouts!

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